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Not use the CentOS provided PostgreSQL

Gregory Young shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a server owner, I would like cPanel to Package and distribute its own PostgreSQL so that it does not rely on out of date OS-provided packages.


I see PostgreSQL is added for the new contacts and calendar module. As I work with PostgreSQL all day, nice to see it added... BUT, why on EARTH are you using the OS provided package?!? PostgreSQL 9.2 was deprecated a long, long time ago. Even 9.3 is EOL now. The Appliance I work on is deploying with PostgreSQL 10 right now, and we are seeing a lot of performance boosts, particularly with memory, from our jump to 10 from 9.3.

For security and performance reasons, you should look to bump the PostgreSQL version from the OS provided package.

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