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Notification Center customers

coriaweb shared this idea 6 years ago
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No match in CPanel has plesk option to send different emails to customers.

For instance:

Email when you are reaching the 90% usage of the allocated bandwidth.

Email when it comes to space asigando.

Etc ...

I think CPanel lacks this option and is much needed. Plesk has it and can select which emails you want to send and what not.

Excuse my English, I use google translator.

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cPanel & WHM send notification emails for a number of customer-facing events, such as bandwidth and disk space. Documentation on these exists here:

All of the email-based notifications can be customized by the root reseller (i.e. you must be able to login via SSH with root privileges). Information on this can be found here:

If there is further information you need, please open a feature request with the specific functionality you require.


This system, plesk is much easier.

I think you should improve it, like being able to edit messages from the panel itself.

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