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Notification For /tmp Partition

MidnightFalcon shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like an option during initial setup in the “Tweak Settings” that will notify a server administrator if for any reason the /tmp partition exceeds 30% of the available space in order to avoid failure due to running out of space.


While this can easily be accomplished with a script, cPanel & WHM try to make things easy to use via an interface.

Wouldn't it be great if there is an option during initial setup in the Tweak Settings to notify a server admin if for any reason the /tmp partition exceeds a certain percentage, say .... 30%?

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How quickly would you like to be informed that /tmp has less than 30% avail?

Would there also be value in setting this percentage in Tweak Settings?


Hi, Kelli.

As soon as possible.

But frankly, there is nothing stopping cPanel from working with netdata to build a comprehensive monitoring dashboard for cPanel & WHM.

It is a monitoring tool capable of doing everything that you can think of and uses resources sensibly.

There is nothing that stops cPanel (and its partners) from using these existing simple tools to make the life of website owners and sysadmins easier.

Public cloud providers have changed the way businesses build modern web infrastructure, applications, and websites.

The technology that the traditional web hosting industry currently employs seems woefully inadequate for this transition.

In the age of the public cloud, cPanel, Plesk, etc needs to rethink everything to survive.

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