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Notification when a Sub domain is added

Fazihuzzamaan Rasheed shared this idea 8 years ago
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i found we do not have any option in whm to enable an email notification when a client added a subdomain to his cpanel account. i feel this is important as most spammers and phishing attackers will ad a subdomain if they took control of a cpanel account.

Today i got this compalian and when visited the account in question, i found a subdomain mentioned by the report. i could have prevented or examin this if i had the notification.


We are requesting that you secure and investigate the phishing website

identified below.

This URL has been identified as a phishing site and is currently involved in

identity theft activities.


IP Address: 173.1xx.1xx.xx2


in the above , appllid is a subdomain the phishing attackers added.

My suggession might not suitable for large scale provider as they have no way to verify this a ligitimate subdomain or not, but for small scale webhosting companies like us may be this is useful.

Thank you


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