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Officially support Litespeed

Monarobase shared this idea 10 years ago

Recently litespeed has become fully compatible with Cloudlinux (508 error support) and has also added a new mode that allows hosts to run a suexec deamon mode per user, allowing Cloudlinux's php selctor to work in deamon mode and for hosts to allow oopcode cache per user and not shared for the whole server, thus eliminating issues with too large caches.

Litespeed is already fully compatible with cPanel, work with easyapache's httpd.conf and works with .htaccess files and is comparable to nginx in speed terms. It has gzip cache as well as other caches (like .htaccess cache) that make it better then most other webservers while keeping the compatibility with Apache.Litespeed is now become mature, and their dev team are bringing out amazing new updates. The upcomming 5.0 version will bring mod spdy (that's also been asked for here) and allow external modules to work with litespeed.We would like cPanel to officially support Litespeed as it its the best webserver for a shared hosting environement. We would love to have an option to not have apache at all and only have litespeed.

A partnership like with Cloudlinux would be a great plus for both cPanel and Litespeed.

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We have been looking into offering Litespeed instead of Apache on some higher performance servers, and having it officially supported by cPanel would make this MUCH easier.

Definitely a +1.

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