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One Click IP Change for all Reseller's Domains

Chad shared this idea 6 years ago
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At the root level, there is no way to assign (as in change) a single IP to all reseller's domains. You have to use the slow cumbersome "multilple IP change" option, find and select the checkbox for each one and then use the drop down scrolling through all the listed IPs to find the individual one, for every single domain you want to change the IP for. It's stupid, a time waster.

WHM should have an option where for example now, you can convert in one click all accounts using x3 theme to paper lantern. Same option should be available for changing IPs for all reseller's hosted domains.

Reseller #1 has say 50 domains. We assign him 2 dedicated IPs. We should have the ability to use a single click, say change all 50 domains to IP in one shot. Saves so much time!

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I feel like this request would be related to another that exists already, but doesn't take the reseller role into account. Do these sound similar enough to you that we could merge them together?


It is similar, but he doesn't mention the reseller account I mentioned. The option for one click change all should apply to reseller. Something similar to the transfer tool in WHM where you can search accounts by reseller ownership and "select all". Something like that should be available to apply X IP address to all reseller accounts in one click.


No problem at all. We'll keep them separate!

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