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Only Direct Auto Responder Option

timoto shared this idea 11 years ago
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cPanel needs an option to force autoresponders to only respond from mails sent directly to an account instead of forwarded to an account.

Currently if is forwarded to the autoresponder for is sent instead of the autoresponder setup for

This is both confusing and revealing of potentially sensitive information to the person receiving the autoresponder.

For example if a serious business query is made from to and has a more personal autoresponder "on a madcap holiday bungee jumping off cliffs, back in a month, maybe". What is to think, he doesn't know who is, never sent an email to and doesn't/shouldn't need/want to know about the forthcoming holiday of

This is not the official response that the company wants to give to

The company would prefer an option to force only direct autoresponders such that will only see an autoresponder from such as "we are dealing with your request and will respond shortly"

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I support this request. I'd tweak it though. Whilst I agree with the scenario outlined above, there's also the case where John users an alias address In this case he *does* want the auto-responder to fire for anything sent to john@ or john.smith@, but no to fire for e-mail sent to contact@.

What would be ideal is that, when setting-up forwarding in cpanel, you can specify whether this forward triggers an auto-response or not. The setting would be Yes for john.smith@, but would be No for contact@.


That sounds wise! Thanks!

Please cPanel, do consider and implement this.

Any chance we could get it any time soon? When?



Yes please.

We had a client switch to us and ran into issues because their previous host had the auto-responders implemented in that way and they rely on it.

Their general information e-mail is Everything is also forwarded to so she can keep an eye on things.

Now she went on a trip and put an auto-responder on her and everyone e-mailing to got her auto-responder - from her e-mail address of course - that she is out of the office and only checks the e-mail sporadically.

Not good.


I found a workaround for now.

Keep having public@domain forward to

For set up an user-level filter:


"Any Header" "contains" "Envelope-to: public@domain"


"Deliver to Folder" "/INBOX"

It seems that cPanel adds that additional header into the e-mail when forwarding.

Now, I don't know if "equals", "begins with" or "ends with" works as well. It was a users' account and I didn't want to play around too much with her autoresponder while she wasn't actually on vacation - especially since she was already unhappy about previous tries to working properly in the end while it worked that way on her previous host (not cPanel).

Also as a note - I tried the built in "Filter Test" and it did NOT catch it. Actual e-mails do work though.

I guess cPanel doesn't recognize "Envelope-to" as a header in the test box.

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