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OpenLiteSpeed as drop-in for Apache

Mitchell van Bijleveld shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a cPanel User, I would like OpenLiteSpeed added as a drop-in replacement for Apache because a full license for LiteSpeed is prohibitively expensive for a single user, and I believe that there are some real benefits for a large group of users that are (only) using WordPress websites.


Here are some of the key features that make OpenLiteSpeed better than Apache:

  • Low resource usage,
  • LSCache-support for caching and optimizing WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal 8, XenForo 1.x and 2.x, MediaWiki
  • High-performance page caching,
  • Static content up to 5X faster than Apache,
  • PHP up to 3x faster than Apache,
  • HTTPS up to 4x faster than Apache,
  • mod_rewrite support,
  • Auto-indexing
  • Accelerate static content delivery, compress throughput,
  • Brotli and GZIP Compression,
  • HTTP/2.

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I know there is a separate license for LiteSpeed, but that license is a bit expensive for single users like me. Therefore I would like to see the addition of OpenLiteSpeed as a drop-in replacement for Apache.

I know you recently implemented an experimental release of Nginx, but for me it feels like OpenLiteSpeed is much faster than Apache.

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actually, the single user license for LiteSpeed Enterprise is free, for life.

Experience LiteSpeed today with the FREE Starter license.

* The Free Starter license will be FREE forever, but it is considered a monthly leased license. An invoice will still be generated every month for it, together will your other licenses. The Free Starter license will be auto renewed every month after the invoice is paid. If the invoice is for $0, it will be marked "paid" automatically and will require nothing from you.

* Each license works on ONE server (dedicated or VPS) only. The Free Starter license will NOT work on servers with more than 1 domain. You CANNOT have some domains using LiteSpeed and some using an alternative on a single server.

* If this is your first order, when you proceed to checkout, you will be asked to create a client account. Please make sure to enter your actual name and address. Do not go through a proxy, otherwise your order may be marked as "Fraud."

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