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Operating System / Installs Only Security Package Updates

PH-Quentin shared this idea 6 years ago
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Hi cPanel staff, cPanel users,

Sys-admin love updates (improve performances, security, new features, ..) but sometimes new versions also bring new problems/bugs. (Like MariaDB 10.1.15 pushed a Friday, big nightmare...)

With the cPanel security Advisor, you recommend to install "yum-security" but you don't use it. I would like to have a configuration option in "Update Preferences" // "Operating System Package Updates" >> Automatic Security Fix Only.

The command to launch is only : # yum -y update --security (Cf: ) -> Exclude Kernel, bind_chroot and perl ;-)

Like this, if a new package is released for new features, we don't apply updates automatically.


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We had a huge problem with this when MariaDB updated with the version 10.1.15. These kind of update need to be highly configurable to avoid these kind of problem.


It's like the yum-cron package:


  1. [commands]
  2. # What kind of update to use:
  3. # default = yum upgrade
  4. # security = yum --security upgrade
  5. # security-severity:Critical = yum --sec-severity=Critical upgrade
  6. # minimal = yum --bugfix update-minimal
  7. # minimal-security = yum --security update-minimal
  8. # minimal-security-severity:Critical = --sec-severity=Critical update-minimal
  9. update_cmd = default

We need it in the upcp call !


UP for this small and useful features !

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