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Option to delete folder when deleting domain

LucasRolff shared this idea 8 years ago
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When you delete a domain (Sub- and Addon domains), it would be a nice feature to have a checkbox to delete the folder the domain points to.

This would be nice, since if a customer creates a sub-domain wrong, and delete it - then it would be cool if they could check the checkbox, so the folder that got created could be deleted again, so they wouldn't need to do it themselves.

Also when deleting addon domains, it would be nice, because it often means you want to not add it again, then also deleting the files related to that addon domain would make sense.

Surely it should show a warning, that it can result in data loss if people do it wrong.

It's currently a feature for the FTP accounts when you delete them.

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This makes SO much sense, I don't see why the optional choice to remove wasn't build in from day one!


Yeah you got this what i'm thinking about a lot and looking a way to delete the subdomain folder. It's annoying that cpanel keep my empty folder. This is mess and i don't like this feature.

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