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Option to disable backing up of databases

shovenose shared this idea 7 years ago
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I have a client with many huge MySQL databases that cPanel doesn't handle well. We have a custom backup script that works great, but there is no option to continue to use cPanel to take care of backups for files/email/etc like usual without backing up the databases as well. This should be simple to implement and much apprecaited.

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I'm not sure how customized your custom script is.

If you are calling /scripts/pkgacct directly you can skip mysql by passing the --skipmysql parameter to it:

/scripts/pkgacct --skipmysql <user> <backup directory> <backup type>

Not sure if that helps any.


Agreed here; we have a custom database backup because neither of the cPanel options work well to take consistent backups of large, busy databases. It seems like an oversight that the backup configuration gives options for backing up accounts only, whole directory, or both, but not neither.

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