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Option to disable disk space check when using the Transfer Tool

jandafields shared this idea 7 years ago
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Currently, when you use the Transfer Tool to transfer accounts, and you check the "Overwrite" option, it only copies files that are different/missing, which is great.

So, if you do a transfer, and it transfers 100 files, which is for example 100MB, and then 1 of those files changes on the source and you do another transfer, it only copies over that 1 file, which is for exampe 1MB. So far, so good.

However, before it transfers that 1MB file, it checks the destination to make sure it has at least 100MB free, because it does not yet know that it will only be moving 1 file. If the destination has 99MB available, it will not copy that 1MB file because "insufficient disk space".

Those numbers are just examples, but this really comes into play with large accounts.

Say you have a 500GB hard drive, and you copy (2) accounts that are 200GB each. That works fine, but then you want to do 1 more transfer of those 2 accounts, using the Overwrite option, to get any new files/emails that arrived during the propagation or whatever. There is 100GB free on the hard drive, and those new files are only a few MB. But, the transfer tool won't transfer those files unless there is at least 200GB free because that is the size of the account.

If there was an option to run the transfer without doing the disk space check first, that would be awesome.

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