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Option to disable IMAP per mail account

Hugo Warcia shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like to be able to enable/disable IMAP by individual email account so that users will be unable to store mail on the server and be forced to use POP to conserve server resources.


I would like to have the chance to enable / disable IMAP per mail account. It could be a checkbox with the other restrictions options of receiving, sending and logging and maybe it could be an option to disable POP too.

ISPconfig has these options.

I have a lot of problems with this:

Cheap clients that only use mail from Outlook on a single computer. Only a few Gbs quota and they are OK with POP.

One day they have to config mail in a new computer and auto-discover set the account to IMAP.

Now mails are saved in the server and it filled up quickly.

At best, you notice this before it's too late and contact your client to explain him he has to copy mails and reconfigure his account or he can upgrade his contract (spoiler: they never want this)

At worse, you don't notice until the client calls you because he is no receiving any mails...

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Agreed, another approach would also be a way to configure the auto-discover feature of cpanel, that being, remove IMAP and ONLY have POP advertised. Can this feature be joined to this option? Thanks.

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