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Option to suppress automated iTip notifications when synchronising caldav

Kerry Channing shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a system administrator, I would like an option to suppress automated iTip notifications when synchronising caldav, as devices often already send their own notifications.

I have been syncing Outlook with caldav using caldav synchronizer. I discovered that when you synchronise messages with invitees, during the synchronisation process, an automated email is sent. I cannot think, at least in my case, when this automated email would be appropriate, as the device which creates or adjusts the appointment prior to synching should be responsible for updating invitations to attendees.

I have identified that in a newer build of horde this feature is controllable.

I have also identified that for my purposes, simply commenting out the following code resolves the issue for me:-


  1. // Send iTip messages.
  2. // Notifications will get lost, there is no way to return messages
  3. // to clients.
  4. // Disabled KC 20170306
  5. // Kronolith::sendITipNotifications(
  6. // $event,
  7. // new Horde_Notification_Handler(new Horde_Notification_Storage_Object()),
  8. // Kronolith::ITIP_REQUEST
  9. // );
  10. }
  11. }

Could something like this be considered for inclusion into the codebase?

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