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Option to transfer backup to remote location before continuing with next account

Tomas Gonzalez shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Administrator, I would like the option to transfer single account backups to a remote location before continuing with the next account so that less disk space would be required to complete a backup of the entire system.


As a server administrator, I find that backing up locally all accounts before transferring to remote location takes a significant amount of local storage.

I the backups were transferred one at a time, the max amount of local storage required for backup would be equal to the space needed for the biggest account instead of the sum of all accounts. This would lower the amount of free space required for backups.

To be super precise, the expected behaviour would be

  1. Complete the local backup for the first account.
  2. Transfer to local storage.
  3. Delete local buckup.
  4. Continue with next account.

I understand this might not be the perfect fit for everyone, so there should be an option to choose all in a row, or one by one.

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This option would be absolutely fantastic and cure all of our backup issues for the company I work with. Only needing 10gb (or largest account ) to complete a backup is a lot better than reserving up to half your disk.

Just a checkbox saying, "Complete a remote backup before starting the next."


In many real life scenarios with many cPanel accounts the backup system is simply unusable because it backs up ALL accounts BEFORE uploading to remote server.

In real life, a shared server doesn't have free space to backup ALL cPanel accounts.

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