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option to turn off jailshell for crontab

worthers shared this idea 9 years ago
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With recent releases of 11.38 crontab's are now run using jailshell even if no shell access is given to a user. Please can there be an option to switch this back to previous behaviour, presumably by using normal shell as default for crontab.

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The nosuid option breaks sendmail.


Not all hosting providers want to force jailshell for this. It tends to leave orphaned virtfs mounts open, and this causes problems when trying to reboot a server.


Submitting this possible fix from a user. Please note that this change is meant as a suggestion to the developers, and will not function as a work around, since the code that actually handles this is compiled into the binary.



#Return value indicates whether the contents changed.

sub _force_crontab_shell {

my ( $contents_sr, $shell ) = @_;

+ return 0 if (-e "/var/cpanel/cronshell_disable");

my @crontab = split( m{\n}, $$contents_sr );

my @shell_lines = grep m{^\s*['"]?SHELL}, @crontab;

if ($shell) {

if ( scalar(@shell_lines) == 1 && $shell_lines[0] =~ m{^\s*SHELL\s*=\s*"?\Q$shell\E"?\s*$} ) {

return 0;



elsif ( !@shell_lines ) {

return 1;



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