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password protected backups

Jorge Baigorri shared this idea 10 years ago
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Hello, i would suggest/request that in this day'n age of IT security, generated Cpanel & WHM backups need be password/key protected (or at least provide the option for it).

Backups are of the utmost importance to any server admin, yet lacking a password, one faces the chance that these files may fall in the wrong hands and simply copy all the info unto a new server.

Please make this possible.

Thank you,

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It would be really useful, mainly when we store the backups on spare servers or online accounts like dropbox.


This is useful, I don't want to access to my backup files on another backup server by someone.


Encryption seems to be a topic which is completely avoided in Cpanel.

Isn't even a feature many users are look for. I remember posting something about that in the forum 8-9 years ago and it got no traction. Seems to be OK for most resellers/users to share the data.

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