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Per-account ability to deny all forms of file management access

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 10 years ago
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Ability to deny file management access to cPanel users

Web designers often use cPanel/WHM servers to host their clients' websites. While cPanel offers their clients a great self-service environment for creating email accounts and other activities, the web designers are still being hired by their clients to be custodians of their websites. To prevent novices from accidentally damaging their websites, necessitating a restoration from backup and other customer service inconveniences, the ability to disable file management to specific cPanel users is being requested.

Presumably, this functionality would work similar to an item in Feature Manager. This would allow accounts to be provisioned with this disabled by default and allow the enabling of this functionality on a per-customer basis after they sign a waver with the designer. Disabling file management access would disable:

- FTP/FTPS access (all FTP accounts for that cPanel account, including the cPanel user)

- SFTP access for that cPanel user

- WebDisk access (all WebDisk accounts for that cPanel account, including the cPanel user)

- Any additional methods of File Management cPanel, Inc introduces in the future for that cPanel user

It would also disable the following features that can currently be disabled via Feature Manager:

- File Manager

- Legacy File Manager

- WebDisk

- FTP Accounts

This functionality WILL NOT disable:

- File uploading via PHP or CGI scripts

- File Management via methods not natively supported by cPanel/WHM (e.g. via a third-party app the system administrator installs)

It will be the responsibility of the system administrator (web designer) to determine how to upload and modify files by alternate means and ensure they are chown'd and chmodd'd properly.

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I like the idea of this, this would ensure that as a developer i can "lock down" my code and prevent a customer from making changes and blaming the developer.


Great, so much needed.


Being able to disable File Manager access per cPanel would greatly strengthen the security of a Demo cPanel.


Yes, this is super important, for both single tenant and multi-tenant use of a server running WHM/cPanel.

(of course single tenant doesn't necessarily mean single site!)

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