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Per account backup policy

David Heremans shared this idea 8 years ago
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We have accounts that don't require daily backups, while others certainly do.

For those that don't require daily backup, we do wish weekly backups though.

At this time, we can only enable or disable the backups for an account alltogether.

We'd like to be able to set up certain accounts to be backed up only weekly, while the others still have daily backups. this way, we can backup the less important accounts during the weekends, rather than daily.

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What if we did an incremental back up of the accounts? Would that alleviate the issue?


I think that independent backup plans would really take cPanel backups to the next level. You could specify different configurations for each plan (account package) or account. That could imply replicating the current backup config into an array of configs, each one with a name and assignable to a package or account.

I'm quite sure that something like that could solve nearly everyone's needs for backup.

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