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Per-user (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) backup intervals to override

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 10 years ago
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An industry practice of setting different backup "tiers" for different hosting packages is gaining traction. For cPanel&WHM to accommodate this industry trend, it should allow users and packages to be excluded from certain types of backups. This is not accommodated with the current system.

Here's the basic idea: a hosting provider may want to offer both introductory web hosting and a higher grade of web hosting on the same server. Why should both be allowed to consume the same amount of resources when it comes to backups? The proposed system would allow the "cheaper" accounts to be excluded from daily backups, whereas the more expensive accounts could receive daily, weekly and monthly accounts. The current system is all or nothing, there is no way to set "exclude from daily backups" at this time for just specific accounts or packages on the server.

This system should accommodate both packages and users being selected for these exemptions to daily, weekly or monthly backups.

For users, this could be implemented on the back-end in a way similar to how /etc/cpbackup-userskip.conf is, but we could add something like:

/etc/cpbackup-userskip-daily.conf (skips daily backups for these accounts)

/etc/cpbackup-userskip-weekly.conf (skips weekly backups for these accounts)

/etc/cpbackup-userskip-monthly.conf (skips monthly backups for these accounts)

This is arguably both an account management and a backup setting. However, discussion has focused on this being considered a backup setting.

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This is exactly what I was about to add!


Ye i like this feature too.


Certainly it is what i need


If it is not already there:

Please cPanel, do consider and implement this.

Any chance we could get it any time soon? When?



Great feature request! I would like to see this in future WHM releases.

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