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php_memory_limit customisable per plan / account

David Heremans shared this idea 9 years ago
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We would like to be able to offer higher php_memory_limit for higher plans, and use it as a sales argument to get people to upgrade. It would be great of this option was added to the packaged managed through WHM, and preferrably overrideable on account level (as with all other limits on the packages...)

Hopefully this feature request will see some ups :)

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While this does involve some custom development work on your part, there is something currently in the product that would allow you to leverage this behavior.

Extensible Account Plans would allow you to specify a custom value, such as a PHP memory limit for an account, that hold as meta data along with that account or package. This bit of information wouldn't do anything by itself, however, as you'd need to write a hook that leverages this information to deploy custom php.ini/.htaccess files as necessary to enact the change in behavior.

Note that I mention this not as an alternative to your feature request, but as something that folks may leverage in the interim to accomplish a similar result as this request.


Great feedback, Brian.

Although my request would still stand though. I'm a huge fan of "out-of-the-box" software, and prefer not to tamper or extend it ourselves; from experience we know that it makes manageability too tricky :-)

So let's hope for some up-voting here ;-)

Thanks for the feedback though - much appreciated!


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This would be interesting to be able to configure PHP settings per account that would also not be able to be overwritten by a .htaccess or php.ini file in the users directory as can be done with some other options.

It would allow us to do things like set memory limits, max post and upload values, enable/disable certain php functions, etc and sell this as an upgraded plan.



is there any new status about this feature request?

I also would love to have this feature.

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