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Please provide a standardized hook for SSL certificate installation and removal

johnode shared this idea 9 years ago

Hello cPanel team,

We've been writing some customized hook scripts for our internal operations on cPanel servers using the published standardized hooks and using their documentation as a guide.

However, part of what we want to track is the installation and removal of SSL certificates (to automatically configure SSL offloader), and we cannot find anyway to hook into cPanel for these functions (installation of SSL cert on a domain, removal of SSL cert from domain).

I am aware of some Api2 Cpanel hooks related, but there is only Cpanel::SSL::installssl (and no equivalent for removal) and even that does not fire except for end-user cPanel manipulation (not install via Whostmgr). I've checked this by setting debughooks=3 as per the documentation.

We need a consistent standardized hook that fires for SSL installation and removal regardless of whether it was initiated from Whostmgr or from Cpanel. It seems to be an annoying omission and one that seems simple to implement.

It would be nice to pass to this hook, the user who owns the domain SSL is being installed on, the full path to the SSL cert and SSL key and SSL cabundle and the domains themselves, at a minimum.

Thank you.

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Not present in API 2, though it can still be used from function hooks (not standardized hooks).

However, neither of these fires when using the Install SSL on domain or Delete SSL from WHM (not cPanel).


This is resolved as of v58 in the UAPI:

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know!

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