Please provide Let's Encrypt plugin changelog information

Marcelo Pedra shared this idea 2 months ago
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As a sysadmin I would like cPanel to publish a changelog for the cPanel-distributed Let's Encrypt AutoSSL plugin so that I know what's changing on my server.

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Hi cPanel,

You make changelog for cPanel, EasyApache3,EasyApache4 , Installer, Migration Script, cPAddons but not LetsEncrypt ....

  1. root@XXXXX[~]# cat /var/log/yum.log
  2. .....
  3. Mar 17 19:11:41 Updated: cpanel-letsencrypt-2.16-1.1.noarch

Yes updated but why ? Security Issue ? Bug Fix ?

We are in the Edge-users list but even in this one you do not mention it ....



The change log is included in the rpm:

  1. $ rpm -q --changelog cpanel-letsencrypt
  2. * Wed Mar 15 2017 J. Nick Koston <>
  3. - Ensure httpd.conf is rebuilt for global dcv rewrite excludes and proxy subdomains DCV.

We are considering automating the publishing of the changelog to our documentation site, but haven't yet done that. If we do go that route, we'll update this request to reflect that.