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Post to URL Contact Notifications - Include HTML and Attachements (optionally)

Ryan Leadenham shared this idea 4 years ago
Open Discussion

As a System Administrator and web-hosting provider, I would like Post to URL to include HTML and attachments so that it is easier to build custom notifications.

Post to URL will only post plain text currently and does not include attachments. Without HTML, the data is almost unreadable. Particularly tables and hrefs.

Because the configuration options for notifications are often confusing and limiting, building out the Post to URL is the best option to give companies who want finite control over notifications that control.

For example, I send all notifications from multiple servers to one server, which allows me to use custom logic to decide if there should be an email to an 'emergency' box, vs just a normal email. I can also customize who gets what notices. I can also throw them all in a DB and aggregate them, sort, filter, etc.

Any other bits of info that can be added to the programmatic response (rather than just in the message body), would be great. Things like the username of the account that triggered the action. The primary URL of the account that triggered it. It looks like this is always the first thing in brackets in the subject, but having it programmatically is better.

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