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Prevent a reseller to change his reseller username without having to disable the Super Privs >> Account Modification option

Любомир Любенов shared this idea 8 years ago
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Client management software like WHMCS relies on account usernames to suspend and unsuspend accounts, hence for reseller, the reseller username is no longer a reliable index, as the reseller can change that himself, making him invisible for the client management software. A possible, but undesirable solution is to disable the account modification privileges for the resellers, but that will increase support for operations they should be able to do themselves.

If you have a few accounts this is not a big problem, but managing thousands of clients on hundreds of servers makes this option mandatory. It would be nice if there is an option inside WHM, where when checked, removes the username filed from the Modify an Account menu, when a reseller cPanel account is being modified.

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I'm 100% against this.

Any user should be allowed to rename themself at anytime.

If WHMCS has a bug where it can't find a user after a rename, then that bug needs fixed (obviously: propagate that rename to WHMCS!).

Don't just handcuff the user cuz of a bug/problem with WHMCS, fix the real problem: WHMCS loses track of users on rename.


I think that reseller name shouldn't equal to cPanel username.

Reseller currently it's an extension based on real cPanel user.

Reseller should be a separate user (virtual) and shouldn't have privileges to modify his name.

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