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Prevent Backups from eating up all free space on local or remote destination

freedomizer shared this idea 9 years ago
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This request is based on a negative experience where a mount into the VPS failed and the backup was created in a local folder instead of the backup partition.

If the backup destination is a local folder (even if it is a different bind mount) steps should be taken so the backup does not:

- eat up all free space

- eat up all inodes

and thus crashing the server.

A simple option to:

halt backups if backup destionation has less than [ 10 ]% free space.

(ftp destinations is not a problem)

this feature request addresses not crashing the entire server by filling up local space with backups if there.

This can be reproduced also by having a remote FTP destination fail and local backup files not being deleted, so any part of the backup that is using local temp or local folders should check for disk space and gracefull halt if there is low disk space.

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I wanted to add a side note here since you mention the origin of how this problem cropped up for you is that your backup destination failed to mount, resulting in the backup generating into an unintended drive/location.

Note that there is functionality built into the backup system to halt the backup process if the mount fails for whatever reason. This can be toggled on via the "Bail Out If Backup Drive Mount Fails" option within the Legacy Backup Configuration page.

For the current backup feature (versus legacy backup feature) this option is present within:

(The default backup methodology)

File: /var/cpanel/backups/config


Set to "yes" to die if not mounted

(Any additional transports)

File: /var/cpanel/backups/THETRANSPORTNAMEHERE.backup_destination

Config Option: no_mount_fail

Set to "1" to fail if no mount is attained


this has always been unclear to me and maybe for others as well.

the /backup folder inside the VPS has a mount --bind that is from the main physical server. this way the vps has no control over mounting/unmounting /backup

does that option check if the target folder is a mount or not? to me seemed like that option was for dedicated servers where a different drive could be mounted for backup


there has been a recent feature published which solves the issue, checking for free space on the backup destination


I just came here to ask for this after a Cpanel tech was in our server and watching our drive go down at 2am while doing nothing but email us for the morning with "I can't run the update your drive is filling up b/c of the backups that were just enabled you'll want to delete those"

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