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Progress indicator on "Backup User Selection" page

David Cusimano shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like to see a progress indicator to the "Backup user selection" page, so that I don't have to continually refresh the page to see if it's done enabling the users I've selected.


On the "Backup User Selection" page, I selected the "Enable all Backups" command from the drop-down menu. The page then refreshed and shows the warning, "There is a request being processed. You will not be able to make any changes until the process is finished." But there was no indication of how long the process would take. There should be a progress bar displayed showing how much is left to complete the request. And there was no mention of if I could leave the page and do other work on the server. After waiting for 10 minutes, I refreshed the page and it should that all accounts were selected for backup.

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