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Provide a way to change the default values of BoxTrapper configurations

openaccess shared this idea 10 years ago
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Right now we have no way of making server-wide changes to the default BoxTrapper configuration that is applied when BoxTrapper is enabled on an email address.

I suggest that a set of configurable parameters and options be available through a portal in WHM, such as in

WHM (a.k.a. Home) >> Service Configuration >> BoxTrapper (which does not exist yet).

Note, this suggestion is for the default values that are set when someone enables BoxTrapper. This is NOT meant to be used to change all BoxTrapper users' active settings (which could be dangerous). This is for a template-like effect.

Similarly, a domain-wide entry for similar settings changes in the BoxTrapper area is useful. This makes me think that there could be a hierarchy of templates. E.g.:

WHM has BoxTrapper server-wide settings >> cPanel has domain-wide settings that it gets from WHM >> Per user settings are set from the cPanel domain-wide settings.

If it were set like that, server admins and cPanel admins would have more control over conditional issues like the one explained at the bottom of this request (under "How this issue came to be").

Useful option examples

  • Being able to change the values that normally would be configured on a per-email address basis. E.g. Minimum SpamAssassin Spam Score required to bypass BoxTrapper. These are what should be added first.
  • Being able to set whitelist, blacklist, and ignore entries at the server-wide and domain-wide level.
  • Being able to turn off auto-whitelist (this is a separate feature request, obviously, but would tie into this menu).

How this issue came to be

I have noticed that most people with BoxTrapper will still receive messages in their inbox due to the Minimum SpamAssassin Spam Score required to bypass BoxTrapper

parameter being a bit too high (the default value is -2.5). Several frequent spam

messages still arrive because of the automatic bypass rule, due to these Spam Assassin rules (these are their default values):


-1.9 BAYES_00

This results in a -3.4 score.

This rule is also common:


If this one is applied, messages result in a -2.6 score.

In either case it is possible for messages to get through BoxTrapper when they

should not. Changing it to -3.5 solves this problem.

I know how to change the Minimum SpamAssassin Spam Score required to bypass BoxTrapper parameter on a per-email address basis, but there is no place to configure it server-wide.

This change is an alternative to managing SpamAssassin scores (which are harder to tweak accurately; note WHM does not have a menu for that either) in some situations. It may be useful in cases when the scores cannot be adjusted or when they should not be adjusted.

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