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Provide Option to Run File System Check (Fsck) on Reboot

cPanelTristan shared this idea 8 years ago
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Since WHM already has an option to perform a server reboot, adding a check box to have an option for a File System Check along with the reboot could save the user time.

Of note, CentOS 7 under systemd still appears to respect seeing and using the touch file for forcing a file system check:

touch /forcefsck

I tested this on my box on CentOS 7 and so long as the touch file exists before the file system check, one is performed:

root@server [/usr/lib/systemd]# touch /forcefsck

root@server [/usr/lib/systemd]# reboot

root@server [/var/log]# tune2fs -l /dev/xvda | grep checked

Last checked: Tue Jun 30 21:48:13 2015

This request is to basically add a touch file before reboot so that the server will run a file system check upon reboot. If the user checks the box, the touch file would be added (touch /forcefsck). If the user un-checks the box, the touch file would be removed.

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I agree with this feature request but would like to also add the ability to allow the user to do a quick reboot bypassing bios reload and allowing user to specify that no automatic fsck will be run.

This would allow users to perform important updates without doing a fsck and to planify FSCK checks at night for instance.

You could allow users to choose between :

1) Normal reboot

2) Reboot with forced FSCK

3) Normal reboot with automatic FSCK disabled

4) Fast reboot with automatic FSCK disabled

And maybe also add the ability to set the reboot time too

While it's not complicated to do in command line, we never use cPanel's reboot option as it doesn't have enough options.

I don't think my suggestion requires a new seperate feature request as it extends this one.


> I don't think my suggestion requires a new seperate feature request as it extends this one.

I disagree. Adding a touch file is significantly different than setting up something like kexec. Please put your suggestion in a new request.

Thank you.


I've created my feature request here :

I clarified that I didn't want cPanel to install kexec, just detect if it's available. And I belive that this feature request is now a part of my feature request which is why I didn't see the point of creating a new one.


I think this is a dangerous idea. I've seen systems lose a lot of data because people ran fsck at inappropriate times, like right after a filesystem has gone read-only, without checking the health of the disks. Unless we want to monitor SMART data and make advisories based on it, I don't think we should make fsck easier than it already is.

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