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Provide UI progress updates when running Rebuild RPM Database In WHM

The Old Man shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a System Admin/VPS End User, I would like to see improvements to WHM's UI in the form of progress updates when running the Rebuild RPM Database tool, similar to other WHM areas so that the user is aware that the process is still working, or has stalled or completed.

Currently in v72.0.9, in particular when using a mobile device such as an iOS tablet, you can literally scroll the log page 100's of times and still have no idea if you're close to reaching the end of the log, as there are no scroll bars, no auto scrolling or clear pop-up alert or on screen acknowledgement as to whether the process has completed or projected ETA on when that may occur.

If you leave it for say 20 minutes and return, it is unclear what if any progress has been made.

Thank you.

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