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Prune backup failures per account instead of the entire backup

Jamie Sexton shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like backup failures to be determined on a per-account basis, rather than a per-server basis, allowing non-erroring accounts to complete their backups without being effected by a server's configuration of "Strictly enforce backup retention".


I am very concerned of the new backup issue when "Strictly enforce backup retention" is enabled as it prunes the entire backup instead of just the backups for the accounts that caused the partial failures. One great but horrific example of this was based on a ticket we created and found that the server removed the entire 675GB daily backup due to two cPanel accounts with MySQL dump failures.

It seems like it would make more sense to remove only the backups for accounts that failed and then send a backup failure summary with the accounts that failed and remove them at the account level instead of the full backup (especially as some customers pay no attention to the emails from their servers). I am not sure how hard that would be to implement but would be a nice option. Another but more annoying option for notification would be to have it pop up when logging into WHM just like after an upgrade when asked if you want to enable any of the new features.

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This just bit us this week. What happens is CP backups are created locally for ALL accounts, the moved to the remote destination if you have one. Pruning after backup with a successful copy would be the logical way for me. What can happen is you will fill a disk FAST if for some reason the backup process breaks and doesn't prune. We just experienced this and lost 2 days of backups per a LONG ticket #93969084.

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