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Put date-time of "IP Migration Wizard" start of step 1 through-out followup steps.

Robert Du Gaue shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like a viewable timestamp of the start of the IP Migration Wizard so that I can easily see the elapsed time since the first httpd.conf rebuild, allowing me to track progress.


How about when doing follow-up steps via the IP Migration Wizard the date/time of step 1/2 is display in later steps so you can easily see how much time has elapsed since the first rebuild on the httpd.conf file.

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IE, it's suggested to wait 24-48 hours before proceeding with the 2nd part of the IP Migration (merging http configs). After A migration has started, note the date/time. Then when the user goes back to the IP Migration page display something like:

This IP Migration was started on mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss.

It would give the user (or others that may also manage the server) the time ip migration started so they can determine if a sufficient amount of time has elapsed.

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