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rate limit number of email messages per connection

cpsr shared this idea 7 years ago
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This feature request relates to the number of email messages that can be transferred per connection made to the sending server (incl third party smtp auth).

Imagine a fax machine that would call another, and then transmit 10 pages with that 1 call, instead of making 10 separate calls and transmitting each time just 1 message.

As one can see, this is a matter of efficiency (connect, disconnect, checks, etc) and therefore saves both sides resources, while giving the ability to set safety controls.

It could come-in handy not just for third party scripts (or scripts that use such), e.g. phpmailer and swiftmailer, but even for the cpanel built-in one: mailman.

Hope you find merit in this proposal and make it part of the email dashboard of cpanel :)

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