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Ratelimit notifications

Feature Request Contact shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a cPanel user, system administrator, and web-hosting provider, I would like to see some ratelimiting applied to cPanel notifications.


For example, cPanel service monitoring might start detecting false positive service failures for a number of reasons such as failure to connect to dbus socket. When this happens, it tends to result in hundreds of "FAILED" notifications sent per hour.

Or perhaps a bona fide service failure occurs, but the admin is not able to address it immediately for whatever reason.

After several notifications have been sent for an issue, there is no real benefit to sending hundreds or thousands more notifications. It just results in inconvenience and extra work when the server admin finally addresses the issue and must then clean the notification spam from their inbox and/or mail queue.

Common sense dictates that "send thousands of duplicate emails to the responsible person" is not a good failure mode and should be avoided if possible.

The issue isn't exclusive to service failure notifications, but they are the most obvious example.

Perhaps after a set number of notifications are sent, the rate could be reduced to one notification per hour or per day. The feature could be modelled loosely on rsyslog's ratelimiting feature.

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