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RBL Sorting / Priority / Preference - reject on first RBL matched

mtindor shared this idea 10 years ago
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Per item #2 in DiverGuy's post in the following thread:

In the Exim Configuration Editor, allow cPanel administrators to select the priority of RBL checking when multiple RBLs are in use. For instance, if we use Spamhaus, Barracuda and Spamcop, we should be able to set the order in which RBLs are checked.

Scenario: An admin wants to use three RBLs: SpamCop, Spamhaus and Barracuda.

Spamhaus is used quite commonly, but requires one purchase a datafeed subscription for commercial purposes / if you have large #s of queries per day. So it would be nice to be able to set cPanel to check Barracuda first, then SpamCop | Spamhaus | other based upon priority given.

That way, if the lookup matches on the Barracuda RBL, Spamhaus is never queried. This can allow some server operators to remain under the query limits of Spamhaus.

Similarly, if some RBLs have more / more robust nameservers to query, one might want to query those RBLs first in order to lessen the overall RBL check time. And, of course, if the first RBL is matched there is no further RBL checking performed.


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