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Rearange icons/text in the WHM Interface

PCZero shared this idea 5 years ago
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It has been a very long standing convention to have the text labels for icons BELOW the icons rather than to the right of them. It makes reading and usability a lot easier. I suggest the the text that is currently to the right of each icon in the WHM interface be moved to BELOW the associated icon. As someone who has vision and reading disabilities, the way it is now makes it very difficult to use the WHM interface

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I would really like to have this done as either as the default and only option or as a configurable parameter. It is MUCH easier to use a icons (similar to shortcuts on a Windows desktop) when the text is below the icons. Please vote for this request if you agree. Thanks.


I agree there should be an options to sort/display WHM icons. I personally don't mind/notice the text to the right. However I would find icons faster if I could sort them alphabetically.

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