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Redirects improvements (.htaccess)

Silent Ninja shared this idea 2 years ago
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As a cPanel User, it would be useful to have more control over the cPanel Redirects.

First off, it would be crucial to have the ability to move up/down the rules so that some take priority over others, or automatically prioritize particular URI redirects, so that they're written over the Wildcard ones.

Also, the rewrite rules are always added on the bottom of the .htaccess file and some common rules like the Wordpress .htaccess settings causes these redirects to be ignored, they should be added on the top of the .htaccess file, or at the homedir .htaccess directly so that they take priority

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As a cPanel User and system admin I need the ability to redirect e-mail to other internal (same URL/server) accounts.

This ability was recently removed making it impossible to take a former user account and redirect it for proper handling without purchasing and setting up a new domain. The loss of this capability also has severely impacted the ability to sequester, inspect, and manage spam and potentially malignant messages.

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