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Remap Database to another Account

David Bott shared this idea 6 years ago
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From this thread discussion...

There are times when you may need to change the account a databased is mapped to. The Database Map Tool is worded that it should be able to do this...however it can not if the database is already mapped to an account.

Real life need/example...I switched community software I used but wanted to keep the old site active so I could reference it if I needed to. (Vb to Xenfono) So I made a new account for it and moved all the old site to it and just need to make the database be owned by the right account.

Also in doing this it would allow me to make one backup of the old site, which will not change as it is now more or less an archive, and not have to back up 12 gigs of data each night as then I can exclude it from the backup.

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This is a problem I have just encountered whilst moving a cPanel account from another server and changing an Addon domain to a full account. The database that was created for the Addon domain remains the ownership of the original account and there is no easy way to change ownership to the new full account.


One point of clarification that isn't terribly relevant for the feature request itself, but is for anyone that reads this later on: The Addon-To-Account tool in WHM does allow you to choose which databases and database users you want to take along with the domain that you're de-coupling. I explain it a bit more in the blog post about the tool here:

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