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Remote domain verification

Alex shared this idea 3 years ago
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As a webhosting provider, I would like to add a 3rd option for users adding parked/addon domains, offering DNS Verification or a specific verification file added to the process of adding a remote domain to any cPanel end-user’s account so that the process will be more convenient and secure.


Currently cPanel has two options for allowing end-users to add domains as parked/addon domains that direct to remote systems, being:

On (most convenient for users, but also a security hole)

Off (incredibly inconvenient for users as it's impossible to self-add domains in advance of directing them to their new home).

Could a third option be added here (or simply change the behaviour of Off) to allow user verification of remote domains?

So when a user attempts to add a remote domain, instead of the system simply telling them no can do, a verification is triggered that requires, for example, a DNS entry being added to the domain's existing nameservers or a specific verification file being added to their existing hosting (much the same as pretty much any domain-ownership-verification system).

Once this verification has been completed, the domain is then added to their account for use.

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This needs to be implemented because it is just a common sense feature, there is no downside and only positives for both admins and end users.


This is a very good solution, that is desperately needed.

It might also be good to have an option as root (via WHM or CLI) to specify a domain that can be added in spite of it being a remote domain. This would allow a quick exception to be added upon request for a specific domain to be added on that particular server.


Some registrars such as prevents the user from changing the nameserver if the new server refuses a nslookup query. If "Allow Remote Domains" is set to Off in the case, the user can't add the domain and also can't change the domain's nameservers.

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