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Remove SELECTED and/or ALL Mail Forwarders

Francisco.cp shared this idea 10 years ago
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I would like to see two additional functions in the Forwarders section of cPanel.

An option to remove all Forwarders I've created.

An option to select and remove those specific Forwarders.

See here:

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I'm currently trying to talk my web host into giving me access to my alias file, probably won't happen.

This wouldn't be necessary if this feature was implemented. Even if there was a DELETE ALL button, I could backup my forwarders, edit the backup file, delete all forwarders, then restore the (modified) backup with the forwarders removed.

The ability to select specific forwarders would be even better!


cPanel provides a VERY nice capability to upload email forwarders from a spreadsheet. However, it is almost useless because there is no way to delete existing forwarders. If fact if an uploaded spreadsheet contains an already existing forwarder, there will then be two identical forwarders.

There should be an upload & replace option.



That sounds nice! Improving it would be very welcome.

Please cPanel, do consider this.



You provide the ability to upload multiple forwarders, but there is no option to delete multiple forwarders or to upload new forwards that over write existing forwarders without creating doubles.

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