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Renamed a package

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 9 years ago
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Currently, there exists no way through the WHM interface to rename a package. Renaming a package would be a very useful feature to have in hosting environments. Architecturally, we would need to supplement the current method of deriving the name of the package from the filename for that package with the ability to specify a new name that can be stored in a parameter within the package file. This new name would be used instead of the filename in displays in the cPanel and WHM interfaces.

Furthermore, for easier package management, the ability to clone/copy an existing package to a new name would be much appreciated.

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Why can't this be implemented by simply renaming the Package file?...instead of introducing 2 names for a Package? (one in the filename {the old name} & another inside the file {the new name})

For example, you create the package "Example_Package", so a file gets created...



    Name=Example_Package it...then later, you rename it to "Renamed_Package".

Are you proposing that you end up with a file named...


...but now with this content...


...I find that to be a horrible solution.

My proposal: The file...


...should be renamed to...


...& any users currently using the old package name would be updated to the new name (by updating that info, wherever it is stored). There would be no need for a "Name=" in the package file at all.


This request is great. Deriving the package name from the file is a bad idea, the sooner we move to independent package filenames and package names, the better!


Are there any updates on this?


No news on this one, I'm sorry. If there is, I'll make sure to let everyone know!

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