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Request to add mod_geoip2 to EasyApache

HostCenter IL shared this idea 9 years ago
Needs Review

GeoIP is a module that is used by multiple related software already, including CSF and others. However, in cPanel itself, it only exists as an unsupported module. I think GeoIP is useful to almost any server administrator, and it would be great to have built-in support for it.

At the basic level it should be supported through EasyApache (like the unsupported module is today), but I would also suggest support for automatic updating from Maxmind's free country DB and at a later stage maybe a GUI.

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Thanks for your interest in mod_geoip2.

Have you had any luck adding mod_geoip2 into one of your EasyApache builds as a custom module? I'd be interested in hearing how the process went and what benefits you might have had since installing it.

It'd be very helpful to hear some real world experience as we consider this feature request.


Actually I'm working with GeoIP as a custom module on two servers and the module itself is working well. There were however problems with the installation process. I apologize if I don't remember the details exactly because both installations were made over a year ago. IIRC the installation itself went smoothly. However, I remember the following issues:

1) It was difficult to find the correct GeoIP.dat file--cPanel already has one in use, and the module created another one, which creates confusion. There is little to no documentation on where to find the file when I need to update (from MaxMind).

2) I wanted to install the PECL for PHP as well. This created some kind of problem vis-a-vis the GeoIP installation, and I had to manually copy to another folder. The path was unintuitive and essentially I had to search using "find".

Regarding real-world usage and benefits: GeoIP is hugely useful, it's hard to put in words how awesome it is. The main usage for us is to allow and block access from countries for our customers.

Most of our servers are oriented toward an Israeli audience with mostly Hebrew-language website. These customers have no reason to allow access from many countries where real attacks originate from. In fact we block certain countries across the board. From our experience, this reduces the number of known security breaches in websites (SQL injections etc.) by something like 90%, compared to similar servers without GeoIP.

The feature is also sometimes used to reduce traffic, like if a customer has a lot of strange traffic from a country where people are not supposed to be coming from (excluding crawlers of course), they might block this country entirely.

On the PHP level, we use GeoIP both for our internal scripts (mapping many IPs to a single domain at once, etc.), and give our customers this option. This PECL module requires GeoIP to be installed on the server.



Yes. We are interesting to have mod_geoip and mod_geoip2 in EasyApache4.

It works on PHP 5.6 but we need for both, PHP 7.x


This needs be updated because According to MaxMind

On January 2, 2019, we discontinued our GeoLite Legacy databases. This discontinuation was first announced on January 2, 2018.

GeoLite Legacy databases are no longer available for download. Attempting to download a GeoLite Legacy database file will result in the error: “Database edition not found”.

So is there any way to update the cPanel servers with the new methods which is now using "GeoLite2-City.mmdb" "GeoLite2-Country.mmdb" file names?

This method at does not work with the new database files.


Any updates?

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