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Reseller, Master, Alpha

chrisgrigg shared this idea 8 years ago
Needs Feedback

Implement Master Reseller Permissions and Alpha Reseller Permissions instead of users having to use modules and plugins to get the job done. Having to use things such as Zamfoo can make our servers insecure and can be buggy if the creators do not release bug fixes often. It also doesn't help when the creator of Zamfoo isn't that cooperative with you, but we are sort of forced to use their software in order to get Master and Alpha.

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Rather than assume existing 3rd party implementations of master/alpha resellers are ideally designed and implemented, I would like to start this feature request discussion off with a "blank slate" and directly ask what sort of functionality you're looking for and the use cases you'd be looking to have addressed.

In short, if you could have the master/alpha reseller functionality feature built in from the ground up, what would be on your wish list and why?


I would like to be able to have accounts be automatically given Reseller permissions when ordered from a client center software such as WHMCS. I would like an account to be given Master Reseller rights when ordered from WHMCS. Master Reseller rights would be to allow the reseller to resell Reseller accounts, as well as the same for Alpha Resellers.

A way to explain it would be to allow us to set certain packages in this feature that would automatically grant these permissions.


Any plans at all for this?

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