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Reseller Overview Display within Reseller WHM

Nathan Lierbo shared this idea 11 years ago
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Currently, disk space quotas, disk space consumption, bandwidth consumption and bandwidth allocation on a reseller level are only accessible by means of the Create a New Account screen. For those not familiar what this part of that screen looks like, see the following image attachment:


By copying this information onto its own screen in the WHM interface, it will allow for more intuitive access to this data. Locating this data by means of the Create Account screen is unintuitive as resellers may want to know about their resource consumption in circumstances other than creating an account, such as knowing if they should adjust account resource limits to make more efficient use of their allocation in the long-term.

Furthermore, root users should be able to access this screen to see the resources currently being utilized for a reseller (perhaps by means of a drop-down list at the top of the page like reseller override does in cPanel for cPanel users?). This is very useful in situations where a reseller is considering the acquisition of a VPS from the same hosting provider (an upsell opportunity) and the hosting provider wants to ensure the VPS they are planning to move the reseller and their accounts into is sufficiently capable of meeting the reseller's needs. Understandably, this information can take a while to gather so loading screens are considered acceptable here.

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