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Restore: Do not replace A records in zone file.

zerpex shared this idea 9 years ago
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Currently in cpanel, when doing a restore of a Full Backup/cpmove File, then it's possible to select the following options:

  • Replace all instances of the origin server's address with new address, including in custom A records (default).
  • Only replace basic cPanel-provided A records in zone file.

A feature I would like to see is:

Do not replace A records in zone file.

Why is this useful?

Let's say I move a customer from server1 to server2, but I actually don't want the zone file to be updated in DNS.

This could be that you wanted to test the site, before migrating DNS, to make sure that the website is running as it should.

Currently this is not possible, and I would really like to see that feature.

It should be as simple and say, import zone file, and don't do any changes to it.

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It should additionally be possible to specify an option to /scripts/restorepkg to make use of this feature on the command-line, and also be usable via the Transfer Tool.

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