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Restore from AWS S3

c-panel_user shared this idea 7 years ago
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Problem: currently Cpanel will backup to AWS S3 buckets but will not directly restore from them.

Feature: Add Cpanel functionality under 'Restore Backups' to list and restore backups from S3 buckets connected to WHM via the 'Additional Connections' under 'Backup Settings'.

*note, this is categorically different from, and not a feature request to restore via FTP. Cpanel uses REST calls via AWS' API to put files into an S3 bucket. This feature request is for Cpanel to list and pull from the S3 buckets validated 'Additional Destinations' connections using Amazon Web Services API, not FTP, when restoring accounts from WHM. Cpanel really ought to add functionality to restore from all 'Additional Destinations', but that is unlikely to happen all at once. As such, this feature request is specifically for 'restoring from AWS S3'.

Cpanel, why wasn't this added as a feature in the first place when 'backup to S3' was added under Additional Connections?

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I use s3fs to mount my s3 backup when I need to restore from there. It works, but it's not ideal

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