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Restore multiple accounts in new backup system

myusername shared this idea 9 years ago
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The new backup restoration system should have the ability to restore multiple accounts similar to the legacy backup system. Adding accounts individually in the event of a crashed server will take too much time especially on servers which have hundreds of accounts on them.

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Hundreds? I have servers with thousands of users.

Maybe they can include a free mouse with every cpanel license, I'm going to wear mine out pretty fast with all this clicking. :)


I would never run thousands of users on a shared server. I feel your pain.


several weeks ago, my server went down. i have to restore more than 500 accounts. So I queued hundred of account, when browser or cpanel crash, i lost all undone queue. I have to queue all the account again, one by one. Sigh...

I wish multiple selection feature should be enable on restore by date.


I do not understand how cpanel could miss this and went one step back with this new backup system. There is no point of using this backup if we do not have option to select more users to restore at once.

Regards, Erik

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