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Restore of incremental backup without copy to temporary folder.

mindnet shared this idea 6 years ago
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As a web-hosting provider, I would like to see restoring of incremental backups without a copy to a temporary folder so that resources and time are freed up.


When restoring an incremental backup, there could be an option for WHM to recover the data directly from the backup folder to the user account, without copying the files from the backup to a temporary folder (as it is currently done).

Why? For two reasons:

1) When recovering a server with a lot of data or many accounts, a lot of time is lost waiting, for example, 500Gb of data to be copied to a temporary folder, only after the account is restored.

2) When restoring many accounts, the last thing we want is to create stress on the backup disk. Copying everything to a temporary folder before restoring it is generating stress on the backup disk.

So if there is an option to recover incremental backup directly from the backup folder to the user account, it could save a lot of time and also ease the backup disk's workload.

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