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restorepkg restore ssl on shared ips

Andrej Walilko shared this idea 5 years ago
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As a server administrator I would like cPanel to allow the restoration of SSLs on shared IP addresses, since cPanel no longer supports non-SNI enabled systems, preventing me from having to manually install the SSL after restoring the account, which is especially helpful when migrating many accounts at once (especially in the case of migrating from CentOS 5).

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This came up in a specific scenario that I will leave here for anecdotal evidence.

A server with several hundred sites, all using individual SSLs, was migrated to a new machine. While testing the sites, it became apparent that all were forcibly rewriting to HTTPS. This should have been no problem, except that the target server was serving all webpages off of one shared IP address. During the restoration of cPanel backups, the SSLs were excluded for this reason, leaving me no recourse but to install each from WHM manually.

I believe that this function was purposefully excluded from restorepkg in the past so that the default shared SSL would not be overwritten, but that has gone out the window with SNI, and should be reintroduced.


Hi Andrej,

Would you please open a ticket about this as there should be no limit on the number of certificates restored on SNI systems since v54+ . If you are having trouble restoring in v54.0.13 or later, please let us in a ticket referencing this feature request. I've also asked your account rep to reach out.

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