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Revert to MySQL from MariaDB Migration

WebJIVE shared this idea 4 years ago
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As a systems administrator, I would like a script that migrates a server from MariaDB back to MySQL as required so that the process of rolling back to MySQL is neater, faster, and simpler.


It seems as though we're in the same quandary as other cPanel hosting companies about whether to stick with MySQL or convert to MariaDB! Especially with this post from cPanel.

With that being said, it now makes sense for cPanel to consider and downgrade script from MariaDB to MySQL 5.7 (at least) if MariaDB hoses a lot of sites. We have a mixed bag of Joomla 1.0, 1.5, 2.5, 3.x and soon 4.x and we have 100's of WP sites.

With all this uncertainty about a MariaDB migration borking tons of sites, it seems like it would make sense now with the cPanel direction change based on the above blog post?

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As I understand the issue, there is no supported way to convert from Maria to MySQL. Period. Thats because the developers of the respective projects have not established one. There are, however, established conversion methods for going from MySQL to Maria - which is why cPanel gives you that ability.

Our team did the MariaDB conversion some time ago and the only way we were able to get back to MySQL was to stand up a brand new server using MySQL and then migrate all accounts from the Maria box to the new MySQL host. It was annoying, but effective.

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